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2018 Game Schedule 

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Early registration until March 5th, 2018

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First day of practice is Monday July 23, 2018. 



 Please remember to properly hydrate and

rest whenever possible during the day before practice and games; 

Drinking 6-8 oz. of water frequently 

will maintain proper hydration and help to prevent cramping during practice and games. 


Very Important!  No heavy meals before practice!


Finally, please check our websites before practice 

to see if we have cancelled due to inclement weather.


All players should report to the field at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time for their game. Players may report as early as at 11:00AM to weigh-in.


Report times are as follows:

 I-Team 10:15 AM

C-Team 11:00PM

B-Team 12:00PM


Please leave sufficient time for travel. 


Any problems or complaints regarding coaches,  practice

 or equipment should be brought directly to the 

Football Director during practice. 


ACCJFL Game Start times

Saturday Games

Sunday Games

I-Team 04:15PM

C-Team 05:30PM

B-Team 6:30PM

I-Team 11:45AM

C-Team 01:00PM

B-Team 02:00PM

**Starts time are subject to change; check schedule below.




ACCJFL 2018 Schedule



Preseason Schedule


Registration Forms

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Medical Release form

Minor Waiver Release form

Code of Conduct


Scrimmages may be scheduled throughout the season.  

Parents and players will be notified once the event is finalized.

  We will do our best to give as much advance notice as possible.  


Please use form below and include name and phone number or email address.  We will contact you as soon as possible.

For additional information, question, comment or complaint

Please use box below please include contact information


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Weekly Scores

ACCJFL 2016 Team Standings by Division

ACCJFL 2015 Team Standings by Division

ACCJFL 2014 Team Standings by Division


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ACC Junior Football League:  www.accjfl.com  



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